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- Vigil80


Ordering Code : VIGIL80_R

  • "Shutterless only" OPTION available

Ordering Code : VIGIL80_S

  • Typical ACCURACY +/-0.3°C @25°C (*)
  • HIGH VOLUME Applications
  • 80x80 pixels (full radiometric image)
  • Only 16x16mm

(*) See VIGIL80_R specifications

  • COMPACT USB2.0 demo camera
  • Compatible with V80_S and V80_R
  • 25 x 27 x 50 mm
  • "Webcam like" OUTPUT
  • Plug & DISPLAY !

Vigil80 µCam -

- RaspBerry Kit

  • Instantly get access to VIGIL80 data
  • Provided with
    - open source examples
    - steerable VIGIL80 holder
    - SPI bridge adapter PCB plugable
    on RPi GPIO
  • Compatible with V80_S and V80_R


Health care solutions

20% of the worldwide population is represented by elderly people and senior generation. They need special attention and to be taken care for while there is general international lack of or not enough medical assistance. It is our goal to provide systems able to detect body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate to detect out if a patient/subject needs medical attention and this on 24/7 basis.

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Farming Surveillance

International animal farming, animal well-being especially in cow / pigs breeding and recently pork supply is becoming a major concern in China but also in many countries over the world. Since 2018, China is living under very serious Asfivirus fever threat that may impact food chain. International community is seeking solution for disease prevention and quarantine setting.

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Energy Saving

Heat detection, hot spot, people counting, posture, presence, etc. in commercial buildings and production facilities need to be monitored on 24/7 basis. This can be useful to set up alarms, help analytics, detects intrusion, prevent fire. Temperature values is a relevant data to make judgement.

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About Adv2S

Specialized in Sensing Solutions, Adv2S develops and upscales sensors based technologies to access image representation, detection and/or temperature measurements to support many end user’s integration.



Rémi Nieuwjaer

Co founder - CEO

- 8 years as CEO of FullScale French company
- High resolution A2D conversion (24bit)
- Embedded software / GUI designer
- 3D modeling drafter
- Autonomous robotic application


Thomas Bocquet

Co founder

- 8 years as CTO of FullScale French company
- Image sensor debug and characterization
- Analog circuit designer for space application
- Low noise LWIR and SWIR hardware camera development
- Autonomous robotic application


Jeffrey Chew

Co founder

- 17 years as CEO of ADE company
- Chairman
- Facial recognition device
- Video Capture Card & Camera
- Digital CCTV Surveillance Total Solution
- H.264 IP Surveillance System
- Video Analytical and System Integration


Head Office
58 rue du Dr Babin
91470 Forges Les Bains